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GoldTech Retail Manager™

For retail organizations looking to drive success, GoldTech, Inc. – GoldTech Retail Manager™ offers an easy-to-use, flexible solution that helps you manage operations and performance across your enterprise. Designed to meet changing business needs, our powerful software package delivers the investment protection of a solution that can be adapted to meet the unique requirements of your retail environment.

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Table of Contents

Inventory Management
Customer Relationship Management
Employee Management
Pricing, Sales & Promotions
Accounting Integration
System Requirements


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  • Train associates within 5 minutes
  • View “on-hand” from register – wherever located
  • Support multiple tenders per transaction
  • Customer loyalty
  • Scanner/Scale integration
  • Weighed items
  • Tare weights
  • Price embedded barcodes
  • Layaway
  • Work orders
  • Track customer information at point-of-sale
  • Suspend/Resume
  • Intermix sales/returns in the same transaction
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Unlimited line items per transaction
  • Unlimited number of transactions
  • Compute sales tax by state, dept., sub-dept., class, sub-class, and item
  • Accept food stamps/EBT/cash benefit
  • Sell and redeem gift cards
  • Perform voids and returns
  • Line item comments on receipts
  • SKU Apparel matrix – up to 4 dimensions
  • Door-based security
  • Item voids – transaction voids – post voids
  • Integrated debit/credit card/EBT/gift card processing with signature capture
  • Unlimited price books – each with their own start/stop time
  • Support mix and match pricing structure
  • Discount entire sale or selected items at time of sale
  • Item discounts
  • Transaction discounts
  • Unlimited number of customers
  • Track customer information – including total sales, when last visited, etc.
  • Customized receipts
  • Reprint receipts
  • Ring sales on or offline with no user intervention (ultimate in fault tolerance and self-healing)
  • Look-up SKUs in the matrix using any combination of the dimensions defined
  • Frequent buyer support – customer price books
  • Tax exemptions, line item, transaction, and customers

Inventory Management

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  • Purchasing/Receiving
  • Automated replenishment
  • SKU/apparel matrix up to four dimensions
  • Receive merchandise with/without purchase order
  • Unlimited number of SKUs/SKU matrices
  • Unlimited UPCs per SKU
  • Import vendor pricing data
  • Break-pack Inventory – Buy cases/buy cartons – sell cartons from cases – sell packs from cartons
  • Supports unlimited number of vendors
  • Items can be purchased from unlimited number of vendors
  • Barcode printing
  • Shelf tags
  • Centralized inventory tracking and management for each store warehouse and the enterprise as a whole
    • Manage inventory at store and/or home office level
    • Look up and modify matrix items by specific attribute
    • Automated P/O system
    • Unlimited number of kits
    • Unlimited number of SKUs per kit
    • Support average costing
    • Identify master SKU – Individual SKU (parent/child) quantities
    • Transfer store to store/store to warehouse/warehouse to store
    • Automatic inventory update from transfers and receiving
    • Define dept., sub-dept., classes, sub-classes, and category
    • Assign reason codes for inventory adjustments
    • Cycle counting


Customer Relationship Management

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  • Unique customer identification number
  • Track purchases
  • Search by Customer ID, name, business name, state, address, or phone number
  • Define different types of customers
  • Create customer at point-of-sale
  • Reprint customer receipts
  • Generate mailing lists
  • Create different pricing options for each customer/unlimited per customer
  • Detailed customer history
  • Loyalty/Reward programs

Employee Management

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  • Employee time clock
  • Track and manage employee information
  • Track employee

Pricing, Sales & Promotions

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  • Quantity based pricing and mix and match
  • Break-point pricing
  • Set multiple price books/price levels per customer
  • Discount by dollar amount
  • Price events/sale events
  • Set up hourly specials and sale events
  • Discounts by percentage
  • Price books by chain, region, zone, store, item, and customer
  • Price Methods: % mark-up above cost/dollar amount mark-up above cost/discount percentage from regular retail/discount amount from regular retail/override retail amount to specific amount


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Inventory Reports

  • Barcode Labels for SKUs
  • Inventory by Store
  • Inventory Value by Store
  • Inventory by Warehouse
  • Replenishment
  • Cycle Count Exception

Purchasing/Receiving Reports

  • Purchase Order in progress
  • Purchase Orders – Ready
  • Purchase Orders – Processing
  • Purchase Orders – Completed
  • Purchase Orders – Cancelled
  • Receive Orders – In progress
  • Receive Orders – Completed
  • Receive Orders – Cancelled

Associate Reports

  • Associate Master List
  • Associate Sales
  • Cashier Comparison
  • Employee Time Report
  • Employee Time Details Report
  • Employee Time Exception

Customer Reports

  • Master Customer List – by Name
  • Export to CSV file
  • Customer Mailing Labels
  • Sales by Customer for Date Range

Tax Reports

  • Sales Tax by Tax Authority
  • Sales Tax by Code/Authority
  • Sales Tax by Store

System Reports

  • Cashier Transaction Audit

Miscellaneous Reports

  • Cash Out Summary by Store and Date Tenders Received

Sales Reports

  • House Account Sales – by Date
  • House Account Sales – Export
  • Sales Summary – by Date
  • Sales by Customer for Date Range
  • Department Sales Summary for Date Range
  • Department Sales Detail for Date Range
  • SKU Sales – by Date
  • SKU Sales – Top 100 w/Margin
  • SKU Sales – Top Matrix – w/Margin
  • Matrix SKU Sales History
  • Food Stamp Sales Summary
  • Food Stamp Sales Detail
  • Quantity Key Used
  • Transaction Line Voids
  • Post Void & Transaction Void Detail
  • Item Sales by Vendor
  • Open Layaways



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  • Door-based security – grant/deny access by function
  • Assign security by individual user and/or group
  • Groups can have unlimited number of users
  • Users can be in unlimited number of groups
  • Limit passwords
  • Passwords can be made to expire


Accounting Integration

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These functions form the core of the Traverse accounting solution, empowering you with the ability to turn data into information, and perform effective analysis and reporting.

    • General Ledger – The center of your accounting system, Traverse General Ledger provides powerful divisional and departmental accounting functions. Maintain your journal, log recurring entries, generate audit trails, and create custom financial statements.


    • Accounts Payable – Track obligations to suppliers, control cash flow, and speed data entry with Traverse Accounts Payable. Produce a wide array of predesigned reports, and take advantage of the flexibility to pay all invoices, prepay selected vendors, or split invoices for payment.


    • Accounts Receivable – Manage your cash, know your customers, and analyze performance and trends with Traverse Accounts Receivable. Assign active or inactive status to your customers, use drill-down functionality to see source transactions from inquiry screens, and save time with batch processing capabilities.


    • Payroll – Complete all your payroll processing tasks with Traverse payroll. Track hourly and salaried employee wages, print checks, manage sick and vacation accruals, and produce timely W-2 reports


    • Enhance Payroll Tax Reporting – Use Enhanced Payroll Tax Reporting with your Payroll data to get over 300 certified state and federal reports, along with eFile capabilities. Automatically stay up to date with routinely changing forms.


    • Direct Deposit – Send pay directly to employee bank accounts with Direct Deposit tied into your Payroll system. Create deposits by dollar amounts or percentages, prepare normal paychecks for special circumstances, and use batch processing to post multiple payrolls within a single day.


    • Banking – From ACH transactions to direct deposit of payroll checks, from Positive Pay support to Magnetic Ink Character Recognition capabilities, Traverse banking provides a total solution for secure electronic banking.


    • Bank Reconciliation – Reconcile bank statements and general ledger accounts with Traverse Bank Reconciliation. Track an unlimited number of bank accounts, void checks before they are sent or after they are posted, and review total debits posted to General Ledger for each period.


    • Fixed Assets – Traverse Fixed Assets gives you the power to analyze the tax and cash-flow implications of assets and track their valuation and depreciation. Stay up to date using the provided set of IRS-supplied depreciation tables, as well as MACRS, ACRS, straight line, sum-of-the-year digits, and declining balance recovery method support.


  • System Manager – System Manager is the foundation of Traverse, delivering a simple, centralized interface to install and manage your Traverse applications. Easily create, delete, and configure users, groups, and roles. Set up multiple companies and apply security and encryption with the touch of a button.

System Requirements for Register

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  • Processor – 1 CPU 1GHz/1 CPU dual core 2.67 GHz
  • RAM – 1G/2G
  • HDD – 50G/100G
  • Supported OS – Microsoft Windows XP Pro or later
  • SQL Server Express, SQL Server Workgroup/Standard Edition