Understanding the Specialty Retailer

At GoldTech, we understand that Specialty and Boutique retailers can carry a very curated stock, or a variety of different items ranging from specialty foods to personalized stationary. Managing the right turns of stock can be very challenging.

That’s why we offer customizable, fully scalable technologies and solutions that will meet your unique needs as a specialty merchant, allowing you to focus on customer service, and allowing us to handle the backend. Our software will help you manage all aspects of your business, while keeping consumer demand and satisfaction at an all-time high.

Along with simple and fast check-out, your customers can enjoy unlimited loyalty programs with the use of a phone number, printed loyalty cards or customer name. Loyal customers will feel connected, tell their friends and family to shop at your stores and in return, you will be able to provide them extended service, loyalty discounts and many other benefits.  GoldTech offers a simple to use system that connects you with your customer’s experiences by a quick, simple check-out process.

Coupons: You create your own coupons, promotions and discounts. GoldTech Retail Manager makes it simple to push sales across your brands. Not only can you create your own coupons for print, at the registers, you can also use our built-in gift card program and or use 3rd party gift cards via the Pin Pad.

Your credit / debit transactions are safe. Our PCI out of scope system sends transaction data to the pin pad where the EMV chip and Pin Pad handles all the card encryption and credit processing directly. The GoldTech POS system never knows any credit card numbers.

Your retail operations become connected with your inventory, your pricing, your work-force and your sales. We have simplified the entire process so you can focus on growing your business – not managing your software.

GoldTech Solutions for Specialty Retailer

Our software solutions ensure your ability as a specialty business to run as efficiently and effectively as possible in order to provide your customers with the products they with state-of-the-art customer service. Our specialty retail solutions give your entire specialty store the tools needed to achieve retail success.

  • Multi-Store Point of Sale
    • 1 to 99,999 registers per store
    • 1 to 99,999 stores per chain
  • Point-of- Sale: Fixed POS and Mobile
  • Loyalty & Clienteling
  • Gift Cards, Coupons, Vouchers and Store Credits
  • Inventory Management
  • Merchandising and Pricing
  • Promotions, sales, flash sales. By store, region and Nation
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Audit and Operations Management
  • Flexible architecture – Premise, Hybrid and Cloud
  • Ultimate in Self-Healing and Fault Tolerant System
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership