Intuitive Inventory Control

Inventory Management is critical to running your retail operation. The GoldTech Retail Managers™’ robust inventory solution allows you to quickly identify fast and slow moving items, allowing you to adjust your product mix in response to your customers’ buying patterns. We understand that good inventory control ultimately means meeting the expectations of your customers.

Inventory Management Features

  • Purchasing/Receiving
  • Automated replenishment
  • SKU/apparel matrix up to four dimensions
  • Receive merchandise with/without purchase order
  • Unlimited number of SKUs/SKU matrices
  • Unlimited UPCs per SKU
  • Import vendor pricing data
  • Break-pack Inventory – Buy cases/buy cartons – sell cartons from cases – sell packs from cartons
  • Supports unlimited number of vendors
  • Items can be purchased from unlimited number of vendors
  • Barcode printing
  • Shelf tags
  • Centralized inventory tracking and management for each store warehouse and the enterprise as a whole
  • Manage inventory at store and/or home office level
  • Look up and modify matrix items by specific attribute
  • Automated P/O system
  • Unlimited number of kits
  • Unlimited number of SKUs per kit
  • Support average costing
  • Identify master SKU – Individual SKU (parent/child) quantities
  • Transfer store to store/store to warehouse/warehouse to store
  • Automatic inventory update from transfers and receiving
  • Define dept., sub-dept., classes, sub-classes, and category
  • Assign reason codes for inventory adjustments
  • Cycle counting