Keeping IT Strategic and Simple

In today’s Global Retail business there’s nothing more quintessential than the following notions: Reliability, Security and Always-on Availability. They are the keys that establish our brand success and customer loyalty. We connect your business to your customers while keeping them informed, involved, and providing them with your services when and where they need them.  The digital world is just as real as the one we live in, and we don’t want our technology to slow us down, we want it to help us think better and faster. We need to leverage value, productivity and results. That’s why we offer several hosted Services solutions: Premise, Hybrid and Cloud. These architectures keep you and your business as productive, available and connected.

GoldTech Hosted Services

Managing your retail enterprise comes with a level of security and technology risks along with the price of hardware and staff. What are the risks? Data Security, Reliability, and Staffing. With GoldTech cloud hosting solutions you can focus on growing your business by managing risks in the way that works of you.

What hosting model works for you?

  • Premise hosted solution positions the database servers in your corporate environment and connects to all your stores via the WAN network.
    • You own the server, manage the databases, LAN and WAN.
    • Your staff manages it in your environment.
  • Full Cloud Hosted positions your corporate servers and store back-offices in the cloud.
    • You only have the POS registers in the stores.
    • Corporate and store users access everything over the web.
    • No need to add IT staff to manage servers and databases.
    • It is still your data – you have complete access to it.
  • Hybrid Hosted Cloud is a combination of both premise and cloud, allowing further flexibility to host more or less equipment in the cloud.

All cloud solutions are completely fault tolerant and self-healing