Effectively Connecting Employees and Customers

Point-of-Sale is about so much more than technology. At its core, Point-of-Sale software is about using technology to enable your customer-facing employees to interact with customers without software getting in the way.

Both customers and employees want the checkout process to be fast and easy, and that’s why we designed the GoldTech Retail Manager™ as one of the easiest POS systems to implement, learn, and use. Our software was built based on the customer experience, guaranteeing its ability to provide you with the technology you need to manage your business information, while allowing your associates to concentrate on what you value the most, the customer.

Small to large enterprise retailers need to manage their stores with complete up-to-the-minute data allowing them to be nimble in their decision making.  This is crucial to a retailer in today’s ultra-fast moving sales cycle.  GoldTech’s complete end-to-end solution in the GoldTech Retail Manager provides it all from POS, inventory, warehouse management to Retail Analytics.

Benefits of the GoldTech Retail Manager™

The GoldTech Retail Manager™ offers the latest in software development and operates with complete fault tolerant and self-healing.  Our unique, feature-rich software is designed to help you maintain tight control over your businesses performance and procedures.

At GoldTech, our mission is to provide you with software that you can adapt overtime as your business grows and changes. That’s we designed our software as fully-scalable POS solution that will adapt, grow, and change alongside you.

It is not just the ultimate in Fault Tolerance and Self-healing and the ultimate in Scalability – it is the ultimately adaptable system that the modern retailer needs.

Our system’s ability to scale as you grow gives our POS the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry, averaging 50 to 60% lower than our leading competitors. Our systems also come with FREE 24/7 support, because we understand every sale is important.

Our POS Core Features


Point of Sale


Customer Management


Employee Management




Pricing & Promotion




Support Center

  • Train associates within 5 minutes
  • View “on-hand” from register – wherever located
  • Support multiple tenders per transaction
  • Customer loyalty
  • Scanner/Scale integration
  • Weighed items
  • Tare weights
  • Price embedded barcodes
  • Layaway
  • Work orders
  • Track customer information at point-of-sale
  • Support mix and match pricing structure
  • Discount entire sale or selected items at time of sale
  • Unlimited price books – each with their own start/stop time
  • Item discounts
  • Transaction discounts
  • Unlimited number of customers
  • Track customer information – including total sales, when last visited, etc.
  • Reprint receipts
  • Ring sales on or offline with no user intervention (ultimate in fault tolerance and self-healing)
  • Look-up SKUs in the matrix using any combination of the dimensions defined
  • Frequent buyer support – customer price books
  • Tax exemptions, line item, transaction, and customers
  • Suspend/Resume
  • Intermix sales/returns in the same transaction
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Unlimited line items per transaction
  • Unlimited number of transactions
  • Compute sales tax by state, dept., sub-dept., class, sub-class, and item
  • Accept food stamps/EBT/cash benefit
  • Sell and redeem gift cards
  • Perform voids and returns
  • Line item comments on receipts
  • SKU Apparel matrix – up to 4 dimensions
  • Door-based security
  • Item voids – transaction voids – post voids
  • Integrated debit/credit card/EBT/gift card processing with signature capture
  • Break-Pack Items – An item can now be sold in multiple packs such as packs, cartons, and cases
  • Container Tare Weights – Tare weights for containers for a weighed item can be pre-set, picked from a list, or entered directly on the register
  • Employee Time Clock – Employees can now clock in/out at the register
  • Practice Mode – You can train directly on live registers in “Practice Mode”
  • Tenders That Cannot be Returned To – Tenders can now be blocked from the cashier attempting a return to them, i.e. “Checks”
  • New Alerts- Message When Return Tender is Over Tender Amount
  • Turn On/Off – “You Saved” message on receipts with discounts
  • Turn On/Off – Work Order System
  • Turn On/Off – Customer Tracking
  • Turn On/Off – Automatically prompting for the price on a zero price
  • Price Override Maximum – Set ceiling for maximum price on a price override
  • Start Day/End Day – You can now set your own start date and end date for the store. This allows you to run past midnight while keeping the sales reporting on the previous day.
  • Store Safe – Manage your store safe – handle deposits and all cash in and out of your safe from the registers. Completely track all tender types that you need for cash-out.
  • Store Level Configuration Options – You can now configure a store for any configuration option without having to do it at the corporate or register level
  • Customized Receipt Management – You now have a “WYSIWYG” (what you see is what you get) receipt management system directly in the home office that allows you to tailor receipts at any level. This means you can set the appearance at the corporate, store, register, or any combination.
  • Corporate Fax Number
  • Store Fax Number
  • Tender Type “Allow Return” Switch – Block cashiers from tendering returns for specific tender types.
  • Inventory Management:
    • Long Text Description on Item
    • Break-Pack Item – An item can now be sold in multiple packs such as packs, cartons, and cases. The system will automatically break the parent pack to fill out a negative quantity in the pack that was sold.
  • Price Books:
    • Tag Multiple Items for Price Book – Multi-select as many items as needed at one time for a price book instead of having to select each individual one.
    • Browse Items in Price Book – Browse all items in a price book directly from the price book.
  • Container Tare Weights – Tare weights for containers for a weighed item can be pre-set, picked from a list, or entered directly on the register.
  • Reason Codes for Discounts
  • Complete Employee Time Clock System
  • Reports:
    • Open/Expired Layaways
    • Employee Timecard Report
    • Tender/Deposit Listing Reports