Customer Facing Features

Customer Loyalty is the best indicator on how well you have done providing your customers with the product and services they want in a manner that appeals to them.  A loyalty customer can be your best advocate by talking about their experience at your store(s) and what they personally benefit from being a loyalty member.

GoldTech Retail Manger features a powerful Loyalty Management System that interacts with your customers, holds purchase history, and personal details that you can leverage with your marketing campaigns.

  • Customer Loyalty program: GoldTech Retail Manager lets you create loyalty programs the way you want to do business. You can have as many separate loyalty programs as you need for different customers.  A customer can even participate in more than one loyalty program.
  • Customer Tracking: You can use your customers name, email, address, or simply assign a loyalty card with a unique number.
  • Gift Cards: Use the built-in gift card program, use third party gift cards or do both
  • Coupons: Unlimited Store Coupons can be defined