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Point-of-Sale is not just about technology. Point-of-Sale software is really about using technology to enable your customer-facing employees to interact with your customers without the software getting in the way. Your customers want their checkout process to be fast and easy – your employees want the same. GoldTech Retail Manager™ is easy to learn, and easy to use. Our software was built from the customer experience, giving you the technology needed to manage your business information, allowing your associates to concentrate on what you value most… your customers.

Check out the benefits our solution provides, and know that your employees and customers won’t get lost in the transaction.

Point-of-Sale Features

  • Train associate within 5 minutes
  • View “on-hand” inventory
  • Multiple tenders per transaction
  • Customer loyalty
  • Scanner/Scale integration
  • Work orders
  • Layaway
  • Tracking customer information at point-of-sale
  • Suspend/Resume
  • Process sales & returns within the same transaction
  • More…